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5 Ways To Practice the "I am good enough" mindset

Whenever we embark on a journey to change, it can be daunting and really hard to separate the past from the present. One of the most frequently asked questions I get from Eating Disorder Recovery clients is:

How do I just start over?

The more important question is....

How can I learn from the past without being bound to it?

In order to do this.. we must let go. We must stop judging. We must stop self-sabotaging. We must destroy old habits and build new ones. We must develop the mindset of "Enough".

When we believe that we are "enough" we are able to apply this label to other aspects of our life.

We learn what is enough food to keep healthy.

We learn when to rest, when to work, when to step away.

This simple yes powering statement is the key to healing.


For many people emotional pain has lead us to eat too little or too much. Neither route helps us feel better though. We have to give ourselves the permission to feel, to reflect and to express.. in the moment.. so that we don't try to cope through harmful behaviors such as binging and purging for example.

Here are 5 ways you can start to embody the "I am good enough" principle into your every day life.

These rituals become habits.. which soon start to change the way you think... which slowly shifts your self-worth.

  1. Daily Mantra: Start your morning by choosing a mantra for the day. This is a quote, word or phrase that can inspire you when moments are tough. Some examples:

" I am enough."...."Resting is okay." " I can do hard things." ... this is an effective way to make it through the hard stuff!

2. The opposite principle: When you catch yourself ruminating or focusing on negative habits or beliefs... PAUSE.... and then do the opposite of what the Eating Disorder voice is recommending. Some examples:

You get the urge to restrict at dinner. An opposite challenge to this disordered eating behavior would be to finish dinner AND have dessert.

3. Find your Tribe: Seriously, community is everything!

Recovery will be a much more positive experience when you have other recovery warriors in your corner! The Empowered RX community has 3 tiers of support

OUR FREE COMMUNITY on facebook is safe, inclusive and $0. Having like-minded individuals in the trenches with give you validation and encouragement when the going get's tough!

We also have peer:peer support groups and 1:1 mentorship for added layers of healing and accountability!

4. Face your fears:

Usually when we start feeling like we aren't good enough it has more to do with anxiety and fears of the future than the present moment. Having a recovery Coach will help you pinpoint your why but a good place to start is a journal reflection. Here are a few journal prompts to get you started.

- If I didn't feel this way, what would I do with this life of mine?

- What am I afraid of losing?

- What are the consequences of staying how I am?

- What evidence do i have that I'm not good enough? Who in my life would tell me otherwise and what would their evidence be?

5. Stop Comparing and Competing:

I know, I know... easier said than done. The very phrase "good enough"... implies a standard... when I catch myself thinking... "I'm not good enough, I like to follow it up with this next though... "Compared to what?"...

This identifies the standards I am holding myself too, often which are impossible and out of left field. Once I am oriented and aware I can take a few minutes to journal, meditate or reach out to a friend to help me put things into perspective. Often times in society we feel we are in competition with other females. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! Empowered RX is shaking up the status quo and creating a girl gang of Empowered/Badass ladies who want to inspire and grow TOGETHER! If you are being influenced by people who are making you feel you can't be yourself, or who make you feel like you aren't enough... get OUT and get moving on to our Empowered Community!

If you are stuck in the thought that "you aren't good enough"... it's a sign you need to address some more deep-seeded issues. If you don't these seeds of doubt will fester and grow!

Book a free call here or join our FREE community here!

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