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Alexa Cohen

Empowered Ambassador / Social Media Intern

Hi, my name is Alexa Cohen! I am a college student, sorority member, former gymnast, a daughter and a sister, and an eating disorder/trauma survivor. I am a student at the University of New Hampshire and am originally from Natick, MA.

Empowered RX has saved my life in so many ways. Not only has it given me an outlet to be myself, but has brought me an amazing community of women who all share a common struggle.

Being able to work for this amazing company has been a dream come true. With a major in Psychology and a minor in Entrepreneurship, being able to put all of my skills into one place has been such a fun and rewarding opportunity.

Growing up I was always the short one in the group, my nickname was always peanut whether it was in school or at gymnastics. As the years went by and my body started to change, as it always will as a growing teenage girl, I started to feel that I was no longer that cute little peanut girl. While I was going through my little quarter life crisis about not being a peanut any longer, the world around me was telling me how to continue to be that peanut.

After years of bullying in middle school regarding what I was or was not eating, I started to restrict when I was around 12 years old. High School was far from easy as my depression and anxiety were at an all time high.

When COVID quarantine hit in 2020 and all you had was yourself every single day, like most teenagers my age I decided to focus on my “health.” I thought getting “healthy” meant losing weight and being skinny. The reality was really that it only made me more depressed and anxious. MY OCD was the worst it had ever been, and I was truly a miserable person.

I dabbled in higher levels of care from 2020-2021. This time of my life was extremely difficult and I never thought I would ever make it in life, or even to college.

With hard work with my outpatient team, I ended up going to the University of New Hampshire. SInce then, I have never looked back on my old life. I have meaningful and real friendships, I have gained trust back from family members, and I am genuinely happy.

Recovery is not easy, but damn is it worth it. Take each win as a penny in a penny jar, that jar will eventually fill up and all those wins will turn into something amazing. For me, that was a full and happy life. I am so thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait for what's ahead!

Alexa Cohen
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