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Christina Norris

Nutrition Coordinator/Empowered Coach

Hi! My name is Christina Norris. I’m a girl mom, Autism mom, Crossfit coach, Health
and Nutrition coach, and trauma/eating disorder survivor! Im located in Greenville, SC
with my two girls, Rane and Hazel. I have personally seen the growth that comes from
being in this community. I love all that empoweredRX does and
am beyond excited to use my skills in psychology, nutrition and fitness to help others.
This is truly a dream job!

Beginning of high school, I began to feel uncomfortable about my body and began to
restrict and over exercise. This was the beginning of a really rough road, filled with a lot
of anxiety and loss of self. Growing up, gymnastics was my life. It had to end short
because of my struggle with an eating disorder and that is when I realized things I loved
were being taken from me because of it. After outpatient treatment, I was able to do
cheerleading in college, where I studied Psychology and Communications.

When I found out I was having my oldest, I suddenly knew that I needed to nourish
myself for her. Being able to carry and nourish her, was a huge moment of healing my
relationship with food. After having my oldest child, I worked as a birth doula until the
birth of my second daughter, where I walked with women during prenatal time,
comforting them through the birth, and helping afterwards to get settled. Having my
own children and seeing other women’s experience, I am amazed at what a woman’s
body can do!

I dabbled in CrossFit after college off and on while having little ones, but it wasn’t until
2019 when I found a Crossfit community and committed to it. Since then I realized the
mindset of exercising for enjoyment and fueling for performance was possible and
freeing. Having goals of new skills and being in local competitions has been a huge
mindset shift from diet culture and overall confidence booster. Enjoying exercise and
fueling for it, allows us to respect all our bodies can do. I have hit new PR’s and gained
new skills I never would have thought possible!

I currently am a Crossfit Coach, Health and Nutrition Coach, Prenatal and Postpartum
Coach, and Functional Gymnastics Trainer. I love what I do. I have helped many
women regain a healthy relationship with food through mindful eating and
understanding all that their body really needs to thrive. I love being a coach because I
get to be a vital part of seeing others gain confidence in their bodies abilities, just as
my coaches have done for me!

Recovery is an ongoing journey for everyone, including me.
I am thankful to be in a place in recovery now, where I can meet others where they
are at and be there to walk with them into new freedom around food and body image. If
you need help with building a healthy relationship around food and your body, please
reach out. I can’t wait to work with you!

Certs: B.A Interdisciplinary Studies ,Birth Doula Certification, CF-L1,
Precision Nutrition, GGS-Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching, Online CF Gymnastics
certificate, Nutritional Coaching Institute, NASM CPT

Christina Norris
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