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Empowered RX is for Women who want to:​

Get stronger
& own their fitness
Break through
plateaus and
reach their goals
Build Resiliency
& get empowered
Create sustainable
healthy eating
Belong to a 
of strong women
their body image
& self-care
Find renewed
energy, passion
& drive
Be guided by
expert mentors
& teachers
Gain control over
thoughts & 
health behaviors
Have unlimited
support just an 
e-mail/call away

If you've experienced disordered eating you probably are:

  • Suffering from anxiety or depression

  • Feeling frustrated & misunderstood

  • Experiencing changes in mood 

  • Having a hard time sticking to health routines

  • Experiencing changes in appetite or eating 

  • Struggling with your relationship to food

  • Having a poor body image

  • Missing workouts or unable to stick to programming

  • Getting frequent injuries

  • Missing hours of sleep

  • Feeling drained

  • Experiencing muscle aches and pains

  • Feeling anger or tension

  • Having strained relationships

  • Suffering silently

  • Not getting support

  • Needing a network that can relate

  • Having self-limiting beliefs

  • Sick of trying so many avenues only to fail

  • Tired of yo-yo dieting

  • Tired of feeling tired

  • Tired of nothing working

"You don't have to struggle
on your own.

How our program  works!

In our program you will get a customized combination of:

- Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

- Private Facebook Group 

- Course prompts and discussions

- Workbooks/Downloads

- 24/7 Text Support Group 

- Monthly Guest Speakers

- Treatment team collaboration if applicable (* please note that if you are early to mid recovery and/or actively struggling we require participants to have a Therapist)

The program is designed to build a strong recovery foundation that will allow you to break free from the chains of diet culture and achieve deep -health. 

Great job on taking the first step towards recovery! Whether you're coming from residential treatment or have been struggling for years, you are a Recovery Warrior. It takes courage to admit you need help, and I'm proud you for doing so. Remember, we all have the same in mind - to heal and reclaim our lives.
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