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Empowered RX is for Women who want to:​

Get stronger
& own their fitness
Break through
plateaus and
reach their goals
Build Resiliency
& get empowered
Create sustainable
healthy eating
Belong to a 
of strong women
their body image
& self-care
Find renewed
energy, passion
& drive
Be guided by
expert mentors
& teachers
Gain control over
thoughts & 
health behaviors
Have unlimited
support just an 
e-mail/call away

If you've experienced disordered eating you probably are:

  • Suffering from anxiety or depression

  • Feeling frustrated & misunderstood

  • Experiencing changes in mood 

  • Having a hard time sticking to health routines

  • Experiencing changes in appetite or eating 

  • Struggling with your relationship to food

  • Having a poor body image

  • Missing workouts or unable to stick to programming

  • Getting frequent injuries

  • Missing hours of sleep

  • Feeling drained

  • Experiencing muscle aches and pains

  • Feeling anger or tension

  • Having strained relationships

  • Suffering silently

  • Not getting support

  • Needing a network that can relate

  • Having self-limiting beliefs

  • Sick of trying so many avenues only to fail

  • Tired of yo-yo dieting

  • Tired of feeling tired

  • Tired of nothing working

"You don't have to struggle
on your own.

How our program  works!

In our program you will get a customized combination of:

- Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls 

- Private Facebook Group 

- Course prompts and discussions

- Workbooks/Downloads

- 24/7 Text Support Group 

- Monthly Guest Speakers

The program is designed to build a strong recovery foundation that will allow you to break free from the chains of diet culture and achieve deep  health. 

Ready to rock? Let's do this! 

You've've fought... you've fallen but you're here, which means you stood back up again.
You are a Recovery WARRIOR! 

Some of you are coming from residential treatment, others have struggled for years on end with little success. Many of you haven't hit rock bottom yet but have decided to get help and reclaim your life!
I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Admitting you need/asking for help is hard. No matter what your past is, we all have one goal in common... to heal! 
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