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1:1 Coaching & Small Group

Building Confidence,

Body Image & Self-Esteem

*** Accepting all ages ***

We Focus On the Whole Girl


Body Image


  • Understanding Body Image
  • Our relationship with self
  • Our relationship with others
  • Mind Body Connection
  • Developing Confidence
  • Developing agency
  • Developing Independence
  • Developing Voice
  • Developing Communication skills


  • Understanding diet culture
  • Understanding diet trends
  • Understanding social media
  • Understanding healthy habits
  • Understanding a nourishing mindset
The challenging aspects of disordered eating and body image lead to a state of disempowerment. The average girl starts her first diet at age 12. This adolescent time is filled with identity formation, peer pressure and body changes. 
Empowered RX is both preventative and healing, giving young girls the tools to navigate the world of social media & beauty standards.
In one sense, many young girls come to us with early warning signs of disordered eating or mental health struggles. Parents who realize the social pressures surrounding body image also send their girls to us to reinforce healthy living behaviors that are simply not taught in regular health classes. Empowered RX also fills the gap between treatment and recovery. We do not diagnose or provide meal plans, but we do help young women find peace, empowerment and satisfaction with their mind-body connection. 

We work in partnership with Doctors and Therapists to provide a
hands-on, supportive and cathartic health environment. This
adjunct intervention places emphasis on empowerment
with topics that can feel extremely disempowering.

We teach life skills with a health focus so that our young women are able to communicate fearlessly about their  needs and be their own best advocate while providing social support with group meetings and projects.
In addition, many of our young girls go on to become "Empowered RX" ambassadors once they have reached a point in healing where they want to help other young girls on their own journeys. This accountability and responsibility reinforces leadership skills, healthy core beliefs and behavior patterns. 
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