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Health Coaching-Weightlifting- Mentorship- Group Classes- Community

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Our mission: to Empower women to bridge the gap between disordered eating and deep health. Through mentorship, health coaching, trauma-informed weightlifting and community, we provide a safe space for women to find their voice, step into their power and unlock their true potential. Free from the constraints of diet culture, we guide them on a journey to physical & mental health. 
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Our  expertise include: 

Exercise Physiology
Return to Sport post Recovery
Fitness Programming
Health Coaching
Women's Health
Preventative Health Education
Eating Disorder Recovery
Behavior Change

Body Image




Diet Culture



Do You Struggle With


Reclaim your Strength + Health Today

Step 1: Choose your Journey


How do I know which step is right for me?

Step 2: Reclaim your health 

We help women heal their relationship to movement and their bodies. 

We offer a unique approach to fitness, mindset, and nutrition that integrates behavior change, mindset and exercise physiology to help you overcome your struggles and turn them into strengths.


We understand the challenges that female athletes face when it comes to diet-culture, pressure and disordered eating, which is why we strive to help them build confidence and strength without relapse.


Our goal is to bridge the gap between recovery and living your most empowered life.

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Press + Publicity

Rated #1 Personal Training/Fitness Service in Westborough, MA

Featured on the Morning Chalk Up: your one stop shop for all things Cross-Fit


What our clients have to say:

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(Nutrition Coaching)

"Although I've done a lot of work on myself throughout my life,  Empowered RX has opened my eyes to many things that have held me back. Leah Immediately understood me, my story and my trauma. She just got it. My journey has many layers. I feel stronger now and ready to tackle what has held me back. I feel like I'm finally moving towards my goals. Thank you Empowered RX."

(Podcast Guest) 

"The work these women are doing to help other young women work through their recovery processes is incredible! They provide a support system and the tools to help people work through their struggles with recovery, which not enough places consider!"

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(Recovery Coaching)

"After years of struggling with Anorexia and body image issues, I decided I wanted to take the next step in learning to love myself. That is what I found in Empowered. Just one month in I learned so much from the work we did. I am so thankful to have found such a great program and am looking forward to the work we do in the future."

(Health Coaching/Group Classes)

"My experience with Leah and Empowered has been life changing.  I have been with this program and Leah for over a year working on body image. From the start, Leah has made me feel special.  I started out doing whatever I could to change myself. With Leah’s knowledge and guidance, i am learning to embrace and love the aspects of my body that I wanted to change. If you don’t think you are good enough, please give this program a try and find out why you are good enough.  It’s a safe place."

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(Recovery Coaching) 

"My experience with Empowered has helped me not only get physically stronger but gain self-confidence and has allowed me to see how trauma has really impacted me both mentally and physically. I've been able to utilize Empowered techniques in stressful situations that release the power within and my inner warrior. "

"My daughter has been in and out of residential for over 6 years. Within just a few months of being with Empowered she has reached new levels of recovery. The art therapy, the peer to peer support and the methods Leah use are like nothing else we have experienced. If residential hasn’t worked out… do not give up hope… just give Empowered a try!"

A Treatment Mom

(Recovery Accelerator)

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Parent Review

"Watching my daughter struggle with an eating disorder has been gut-wrenching. Facing this disease without support was not an option. So we looked for a bridge to take her further into her recovery. And we looked. And we looked some more. A typical trainer  was too risky. Choosing the wrong one could do more harm than good. We needed someone who was well versed in the beast we call Anorexia.

Triggers lurked in every corner and we wanted to do everything we could to help our daughter with forward momentum. Empowered RX was the bridge we needed to get our daughter back to the sports and activities she enjoys. Watching her slowly start to see her body as a source of strength has been incredible.


Empowered RX offers support, community and acts as a safety net (For us and our daughter). Leah knows how to connect and build trust and common ground with her clients. She has an approach that is multifaceted and flexible. This has worked well for our family.  We have received the extra support we have needed via meetings, texts and podcasts. It has exceeded our expectations."

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