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3 Tips for ED Recovery During High school from a Survivor

Welcome Becca to our team! Becca will be an intern and has a unique perspective on the recovery process as she herself is an Empowered Recovery Warrior. We are so proud for all of her work and perseverance. We know it wasn't easy. She has a lot to teach other young girls going through it!

Here are Becca's 3 Tips for Recovery with an ED during High school!

Tip 1: Know your doctors and supporters have your best interest in mind.

Although you may not like or agree with what they say, remember all they want is for you to be healthy and happy. During an eating disorder your brain is deprived of the correct nutrients and can make your judgement clouded. Just try to keep an open conversation with them and ask questions if things don't make sense.

Tip 2: Remember recovery isn't linear.

Everyone in recovery experiences ups and downs. Some days it will feel like second nature. Other days, weeks, or even months might be hard. Know that this happens to everyone and that things will get better. Don't let the bad days determine your progress, remember how far you have come.

Tip 3: Know you will get your old life back.

During recovery certain things may get taken away from you, sports, fun things like eating out, going to the beach, etc. All of those things will come back with time. Your life at some point will feel like everything is about the eating disorder. But the farther you get in recovery the more things you will be able to do again. Know you will get to a point where going out to breakfast with friends won't feel like a daunting task or that you will get to play in your favorite sport again.

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