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Am I Strong Enough?

If you are someone that struggles with an eating disorder, or is looking to break up with diet culture, you may be asking yourself if you are strong enough to do so, and the answer is YES!!!

Will there be hard days, absolutely!

Will there be easy days, absolutely!

Will you want to give up, absolutely!

Will it be worth it, absolutely!

Will you get frustrated and cry, absolutely!

Will you doubt yourself, absolutely!

BUT it’s important to remember WHY you have chosen recovery. Everyone’s “why” will be a little different. No matter what your reasons for recovery are, the benefits will outweigh staying in the vicious cycle of diet culture or continuing to live with an eating disorder.

What are some of the reasons you may choose recovery?

  • Being able to feel comfortable in your own body

  • Not letting your food choices or actions be dictated by a number on the scale

  • Eat foods you love without guilt

  • No longer fearful of calories

  • Able to have your own family in the future

  • Enjoying moments with friends and family

  • Have meaningful relationships

  • Loving yourself for who you are

  • Better sleep

  • Allowing yourself to discover your true passions

  • Being able to focus on the things that really matter in your life

  • Getting stronger physically because you are nourishing your body properly

  • Being able to fully experience feeling/emotions

  • To choose LIFE

There are so many reasons to choose recovery. Figure out your reasons and take it one step at a time. It’s not going to be easy, but it is possible. Believe in yourself, remind yourself you are strong and you have chosen recovery.

When things get hard, remember your WHY! Write it down, create a piece of artwork out of it, hang it up on your wall, put it as a reminder on your phone or write it in your journal. Celebrate how far you have come, especially on those extra hard days. Lean in on your support system. This could be your family, friends, doctor, dietician or therapist. Find the people you can trust and will help you on days that are a little harder.

By choosing recovery you are taking control of your life. Believe in yourself! You are deciding that it’s time to start to live, not just survive.

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