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College Advice for Those in Recovery: Ep 3 - Alcohol, Drugs, and Drunkorexia

This section is primarily me ranting, but truly the point of this seemingly senseless rant is just to demonstrate how ridiculous this entire idea of starving yourself simply in order to drink later is (and why you do not need to and should not engage in it).

Although this is a difficult topic, these have to be discussed as someone in eating disorder recovery. Alcohol is EVERYWHERE in college. Nearly every nightly social gathering will involve alcohol, it’s just how it is. Worse, however, is the prevalence of drunkorexia within the college community; drunkorexia refers to “behaviors including skipping meals, excessively exercising, and purging food as a way to negate the calories consumed from drinking alcohol”.

Phrases you may hear from those going out to party may include “I’m not gonna eat up until we go out”, “There are too many calories in alcohol, I’ll just skip dinner”, “I’ll only drink tonight if I can starve myself the rest of the day before ahahaha” (trust me sis, no one’s laughing) or “I can’t eat, I have to get wasted quickly”. The most interesting part I always think to myself, and I’d like to conduct a scientific qualitative study on this, perhaps for my senior thesis, is to just figure out who the hell f*ucking asked or perhaps an alternative thesis may be who the f*ck cares.

I apologize for the outburst but it truly is remarkable that people have nothing better to talk about than how theyre going to starve themselves leading up to a night out.

First, you’re going to be angry, cranky, and miserable the ENTIRE day just so you can be drunk for two hours and consequently blackout and violently vomit, just to lead you to be miserable for another 6-8 hours afterward. It’s truly remarkable.

Secondly, you never know who you’re talking to. You may *even* shockingly, by some ridiculous possibility, be talking to someone with an eating disorder. This may also, surprisingly, not be super helpful for them. So just shut up.

I apologize again for my bluntness, I just find it frustrating when someone pushed their own things onto you. Such as if someone is choosing to “fast” (starve) themselves all day and then you choose to be a normal human being and, I don’t know, NOT, and they start to criticize you. “Don’y you wanna get drunk tonight” “Aren’t you wearing a crop top later?” “do you know how many calories are in alcohol?” I won’t tolerate this.

Personally, I felt massive pressure to develop drunkorexia, or at the very least, the peer pressure to drink excessive amounts of any substance you could name. Although many students and parents alike are knowledgeable of peer pressures in high school to make unhealthy choices such as vaping or drinking, it is totally normalized in college. Of course we're getting blacked out and wasted 3 days in a row... what else is there to do?, or I'm not peer pressuring you to do drugs, it's just something everyone on the dorm floor is doing. It doesn't even feel like peel pressure, it's just daily life.

There is also the known idea of pregaming being necessary because, and I will admit from personal experience, it is the only thing that makes packed, sweaty, disgusting frat houses any kind of an experience circling the definition of "fun". And you know what I've learned? That's a clear sign that the party itself is just not fun. If you need shot and after shot and four beers to make you feel somewhat content standing in the middle of a loud yet boring party, it's time to rethink how you choose your time. Now, if you can sip on a drink or two, feel normal, and enjoy the party that's great! But the more people I meet, the more people I realize don't actually like parties. In fact, they hate them so much they force themselves to drink and take drugs to numb every part of themselves from any feeling at all. Choose what makes you happy, healthy, and wake up in the morning and think I'm glad I spent my night that way.

** Additionally, drinking while on any sort of medication, particularly antipsychotics, is incredibly dangerous and should NOT be done- no matter how normalized it may be**

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