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Don't Quit on Recovery, Shift your Approach

I can't tell you the amount of times I've heard people say things like...

Treatment didn't work for me.

Residential causes more trauma than it's worth.

Therapy isn't working.

Usually this is followed up by a discussion about how far into the ED they are in and how they've been stuck for a while. Formal treatment is PIVOTAL but sometimes we need more. Empowered RX offers multiple solutions to adding more depth and community to your journey.

First we will say, we are not Doctors or Therapists. We are certified Health Coaches and Exercise Physiologists who have studied the intersection of pathophysiology and holistic health intervention. We believe in the transformative powers of fitness, mindset & nutrition. We also recognize how deeply imbedded diet culture is within the American approach to health.

Achieving deep health transcends the physical body but many of our clients come to us with a complete disconnect. Diet culture promised them a quick fix. Many of them saw quick but temporary results and they expect the same in recovery. Recovery isn't easy. In fact, it's one of the hardest things you will ever do. We have to understand that it may take many forms of support and a lot of time to find sustainable recovery.

For many people this means finding a community in addition to their treatment team. Having a community of Recovery warriors normalizes true health and overrides the bullshit diet culture definitions of heath.

That being said, we still need medical treatment and psychotherapy. Community, psychotherapy and medical treatment often overlap but have a different impact. Community works on the physical and spiritual. Medicine works on the physical and spiritual. Psychotherapy works on the emotional and spiritual. We need all 3. We find that the average recovery warrior is missing 1 of the 3 facets of wellness in recovery.

Which one are you missing?

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