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Empowered Member of the Month- ALICE K. (June)

We are thrilled to announce Alice as our June Empowered Member of the Month. We have so many amazing things to say about Alice.... where to begin?

Alice is a brilliant and empathetic woman who is training to be a Doctor at UMASS Med. She is highly observant of the world around her and soaks in her environment. This will make her an extraordinary doctor with an amazing ability to care for and be empathetic. But, for a long time she didn't always believe in herself.

I will never forget the first time that Alice began to do weight training with Empowered RX. She was so unsure of her own strength and yet, she was one strong woman both inside and out. She just needed to realize it!

Learning new movements can be intimidating but Alice jumped in and found she LOVED WEIGHT TRAINING. It helped her to feel strong and capable. She began lifting 3x/week with compound movements and movements specific to the skills she would need as a Doctor in moving patients and practicing emergency medicine.

On her first day, she lifted the empty barbell. She was timid and hesitant. Three months later, Alice lifted over 100 lbs in her deadlift and did it with confidence and power!

We have seen her confidence grow and we have seen her strength both inside and out grow. We are beyond proud of this amazing woman and know she will serve as a wonderful role model to females everywhere! Alice, you are resilient, strong and worthy! We love you and are so proud of you!

Here is what Alice has to say about her journey in weightlifting and with Empowered RX:

"Reclaiming exercise as a part of my life has not only allowed me to better care for my body, but also has pushed me to recognize myself as worthy of energy and care. The mindful approach that Leah teaches through Empowered continues to encourage me to see fitness as an opportunity for growth and enjoyment. It feels good to feel strong!
As I work to become a Medical Doctor, I also try to make this possibility available to patients. It is inspiring to watch others overcome disease and find their strength. When I reflect on my own journey recovering from illness and trauma, I recognize the importance of feeling capable and steady. Fitness helps me to continue growing this confidence which I need to pursue my passion for Medicine.
Empowered has provided me with the continuous encouragement and inspiration to appreciate how resilient my body really is and that I am allowed to be excited about that! " - Alice

Alice! You are strong, you are capable & most importantly you are worthy beyond measure!

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