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Empowered RX Celebrates 2 years in Business!

⚡️🎉 Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude as we celebrate the 2nd year of business for Empowered RX 🎉⚡️

We could not be more grateful for each and every single person who has supported us along the way. THANK YOU!

Special Offer: Understanding Disordered Eating Course

If you would like to learn more about disordered eating and how it impacts 3/4 teen girls, 2/5 women we are offering a major discount on our educational course... you can check it out here:

This course is great for Coaches, Trainers, Athletes and Parents seeking to identify signs & symptoms of disordered eating. Early intervention is key as only 20% of those who suffer with disordered eating will ever go on to fully recover.

Since going into business we have:

  • Had 124 clients

  • Helped over 1000+ women

  • Worked with women in 14 states

  • Helped 73 women stay in complete remission after battling severe and chronic disordered eating

  • Created a team of amazing and dedicated staff!

  • We've been featured in the Morning Chalk up Morning Chalk Up

  • Named #1 Trainer in Westborough 2022

  • Had 4 podcast seasons on Spotify, Apple & Anchor

  • Helped raise $50,000 for charity in collaboration with Prototype

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!!!

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