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Empowered RX Coaching: Recovery Policy

Empowered Rx is a mentorship program where survivors help survivors to overcome health obstacles and reclaim their power. The reason this model is so effective is because every single one of our Coaches has been in our clients shoes and come out on the other side.

In other words, Our Coaches are BADASS! They have spent years dedicated to their own recovery and give back every day by helping others through theirs. Some of our Coaches consider themselves "recovered" and others consider recovery to be a life long journey. For this reason it is SO important that Coaches are actively working at maintaining recovery for:

  • their own health & well-being

  • so they can be good role models for our clients

  • so we practice what we preach

  • values align with our culture

  • no-one is at risk

For this reason we have put several Coaching policies in place.

Coaches Advanced Recovery and Leadership Class on Mondays at 2pm

1:1 Recovery Supervision (not mandatory but offered)

Coaches Corner- continuing education

Coaches in Recovery Policy

All of our new Coaches are offered a probationary 90 day contract to ensure that recovery can be maintained WHILE helping others who are struggling. During this 90 day period we assess and observe to make sure Coaches have:

  • self-care practices

  • sound nutrition

  • free from ED behaviors

  • emotional regulation

  • energy and empathy

  • knowledge and emotional intelligence

Our recovery class for coaches on Monday's focuses on all of the above. We have challenges, lectures, resources and education materials so we can learn AND THEN put into practice the subjects at hand.

Our Recovery Policy :

We realize how important it is for Coaches to maintain their own recovery while they help others through theirs.

For this reason we require all Coaches to have at least 1 year of Recovery without relapse, prior to starting work. We also require Doctor's clearance before accepting a formal contract.

Life is messy, we know this. Recovery isn't always linear. This is why we help our Coaches navigate their own recovery. Should a Coach be struggling, or relapse, our policy includes a shift in duties or taking a leave of absence depending on the circumstances.

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