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Empowered RX is 2022 #1 Trainer in Westborough

Empowered RX is named #1 Trainer in Westborough after 1.5+ years of helping girls and women reclaim their health after trauma and disordered eating.

Each year in and around the area of Westborough- MA the Westborough Awards Program selects companies of impact that have exemplified the best of small businesses. They are chosen based on community engagement, business practices, values, customer service and lives changed.

In the past 1.5 years that we have been open we have helped over 500+ women to strengthen their relationship to food and fitness!

Empowered RX is humbled and honored to accept this award. While Empowered RX offers both in-person and virtual services, our community and home in Westborough is the life source of what we do!

Our Program has 3 levels that members graduate through and then have the option of staying on our maintenance program.

  1. Recovery Accelerator

  2. Recovery Mastery

  3. Food/ Fitness Freedom for Life

We have 3 recent graduates from the program and a few spots opening up this November! Book a discovery call to learn if Empowered RX is right for you!

To book a discovery call head here:

We collaborate with local businesses, Doctors, Therapists, Families, Educators, Psychiatrists, Schools, Sports teams and more to promote wellness and health beyond residential treatment for Disordered Eating and Mental Health Struggles.

Since Covid-19 the prevalence of Eating Disorder diagnosis has increased by over 300% in girls ages 12-18. Empowered RX has dedicated its mission to:



Wellness mind/body

All of these are integral in both an individual and community level to change the status quo with Diet Culture and Disordered eating. We use the transformative powers of weightlifting, mindset, nutrition and community to bridge the gap between medical treatment and living a life free of struggle.


The average girl starts her first diet at age 12 and its no coincidence that this is also the age the average girl gets her first phone. Our Girl Power Course focuses on education surrounding social media messaging, body image and peer pressure to help build confidence and agency in our young girls. If you are interested in our guest speaker Events or 4-week Girl Power Course please reach out to

Who we work with?

Kids, schools, sports teams, girl scouts + more


Our Empowered Recovery Accelerator Course provides a bridge between residential/hospital treatment and transitioning back into life & sports. Our 1:1 and group options allow Expert Mentors to work closely with girls/women age 12+ to find healing in mind/body & spirit. We take an allied health approach and work closely with treatment teams (Therapists, Doctors, Dietician's) to connect the dots and serve as a daily anchor that allows for continuity of care + communication.

Who we work with?

As long as there is a Doctor or Therapist involved we work with those struggling with Disordered Eating (ANOREXIA, BULIMIA, BINGE EATING DISORDER, ARFID, OSFED and more, Mental Health Struggles, Sexual Assault Survivors, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Illness, Bullying, ASD- related struggles and more.

Trauma-Informed Wellness

Our staff are personal trainers, weightlifting coaches, self-defense instructors, nutrition coaches, life coaches and so much more! We help guide you on the path to live your best life and offer a variety of wellness and fitness coaching: all from a trauma-informed perspective. We offer 1:1 Coaching and Group Classes!

To book a discovery call head here:

Our staff are educated and credentialed in the areas of:

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Wellness for Disease Management

Personal Training


Life Coaching



Disordered Eating

Health at Every Size


We are so excited to be named #1 Trainer in Westborough and truly believe it takes a village to make change! We are always open for collaboration and networking. We also have a podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast called: Empowered RX if you want to learn more about the people we help!

To book a discovery call head here:

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