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Empowered RX On-Ramp: The First 4 Sessions

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Empowered RX is growing, and growing fast! As we hire several new coaches and start long term planning for Certifications and Affiliate models we want to streamline and regulate all our systems and processes for consistency across the board.

Our mission is to help those who identify as women and girls to reclaim their health and step into their power after it has been disrupted by trauma. The recovery process in itself can be traumatic to some... to make it as smooth as an On-Boarding process as possible we have developed a Structured 4 week program to assess, orient and engage all new clientele.

Here is what the process looks like:

  1. Discovery Call

  2. Prescription and Commitment

  3. Registration and Waiver on Member Hub via Website

  4. Welcome & Journey begins, schedule your first 4 on-ramp sessions with your assigned Empowered Recovery Coach

  5. On-Ramp 4 weeks with 4 total sessions (4-8 weeks if medical intensive or under special circumstances)


Session 1

  • Meet & greet

  • Explain empowered & answer questions, basic understanding of clients goals with program

  • Complete the Nutrition/ED form together to gain a better understand of nutrition habits

Session 2

  • Health Impact Inventory

  • Story Disclosure

  • Body Image workbook assigned for Homework

Session 3

  • Motivation Mapping

  • and begin to go over Body Image Workbook

Session 4

  • 90 day Sprint recovery plan created and sent

  • Assess if ready for group and go over guidelines

Why in this order? Why in a month?

We want to assess our clients first and get to know their health, the impact trauma has had on their life and who they are as a person. Our program is highly individualized, so taking the time to understand their story is important. We also recognize that talking about trauma is HARD. In an effort to avoid re-traumatization, we wait to have them dive into details and their root trauma. We get them started in understanding their own body, how we can help them and what they can accomplish. Trauma harms our health. Healing is possible. Trauma survivors are not broken. Once our clients understand their health status and how trauma has impacted it we then help them with the art of story telling so they can reclaim their power.

We wait a little to introduce them to our group setting to ensure safety, comfort, and engagement. This way, by the time a client reaches group they are more comfortable sharing their experiences and talking about their health.

For more questions email

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