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Having a Health Coach is pivotal as Eating Disorders Continue to Rise PostPandemic

With the COVID-19 Pandemic we saw a 300% rise in the prevalence of Eating Disorders. The isolation, quarantine, change, sickness, unknowns, stress, fear, increase in use of technology for communication... it all lead to a heightened awareness of body image AND triggered many people with disordered eating to relapse. Having a health Coach is an extremely helpful tool in navigating health and picking up the pieces.

Where we are now: We hoped that we would see a halt in the rise post-pandemic but unfortunately numbers of Eating Disorders only continue to rise.

One thing is clear: We are living in a totally different world than we were in 2019.

Why this matters: We are collectively languishing. We are collectively struggling. Mental health issues continue to sky-rocket, particularly in adolescents. The impact of these mental health traumas alters the trajectory of an individuals entire life.

Consequences: We are seeing higher incidences of suicidality, homelessness, isolation, anxiety and a general lack of clarity on the future. The systemic overwhelm in medicine and mental health creates a shortage of resources. Many Therapists are moving to private practice and operating outside of insurance which means many are forced to pay out of pocket at rates that most people struggling financially cannot afford. This creates a large disparity in mental health care making it viable for those who are more well off. Residential treatment facilities are overwhelmed. Waitlists are long and staff is overworked. This all leads to a lack of availability and compassionate care.

Hierarchy of needs: If we do not have access to our basic needs such as shelter, financial stability, safety, food, water etc.... nothing else can prosper. Trauma is cumulative. For those with disordered eating, it is almost guaranteed there will be at least one other trauma these patients will experience. We often collect other traumas throughout the treatment process as it can be extremely scary and difficult. Until nourishment and other basic needs are met, the mental health aspect cannot effectively be approached.

What does this mean?: For people without financial or resource access mental health will be a perpetual struggle. For those WITH access, compliance in treatment will be key. Having the right health care team in place is another pivotal factor in success.

Providers of the ED Treatment TEAM:





Health Coach--> Where Empowered RX comes in.

Woah that is a ton of people to see consistently... YUP healing and recovery can be a full-time job. This combination of providers allows for continuity of care and treatment of the WHOLE person which research has shown to lead to higher rates of long term success.

Why do I need an Empowered Health coach if I'm already seeing all those other specialists?

How often do you see your doctor or therapist? Who helps you connect all the dots? The Health Coach is there to help the individual navigate all the goals set in other appointments. We help craft a plan and organize all the moving pieces to limit overwhelm, provide accountability and a progressive path forward. Essentially, they help you keep it all together!

What else does a Health Coach provide?

Health Coaches provide a variety of tools to help clients stay motivated, organized and moving forwards. They have a diverse background in Exercise Physiology, Fitness, Nutrition, Eating Disorders, Health at Every Size, Behavior Modification, Motivation, Goal setting, life coaching and more. Like we said earlier... they connect all the dots.

If you are interested in health coaching with Empowered RX- Head here and book a discovery call today!

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