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July Member of the Month- Mary K.

The Empowered Member of the Month is Mary K. and we couldn't be more excited. This amazing woman is enrolled in our Girl Power program. She is an activist, a poet, an artist and an empath. Feeling deeply is a super power BUT Diet Culture can drain us and make us feel unworthy. With how pervasive Diet Culture is.... we can absorb all the messaging much more easily.

Mary came to us defeated, hopeless... and abused by the fitness industry. Her previous trainer put her on an extreme diet and body shamed her to the point where the gym was a triggering place to be. The shame she experienced lead to depression and anxiety. It also made her anti-diet culture to the point of dismissing exercise all together.

The first thing I did was apologize to Mary on behalf of the fitness industry for ever making her feel unworthy. Session by session I earned her trust and we started to realize that Mary was an activist at heart. She has so many expressive talents that she has since used to reach our community. As a supporter of the Health at Every Size Mission, Mary strives to set an example of how we can break the diet culture rules AND take care of our health. She has kicked off our ambassador program for us where Girls who want to become involved in the activism portion of our mission are able to participate behind the scenes.

Here is what Mary has to say:

Hi, My name is Mary and I'm a 17 year old member and ambassador of Empowered RX. I have struggled with balancing my health, and the weight of societal expectations for as long as I can remember. I've been left confused by conflicting guidance from various "health professionals" ultimately leading to distrust in myself and the concept of health in general. Empowered has helped me listen to and trust my body's signals. They have helped me slowly take back my power on my terms. They have helped me feel more confident and supported in the process of unlearning negative messaging, accepting trauma and pushing my comfort zones all while respecting my boundaries, which isn't something I've experienced before.

MARY! We are SO SO Proud of you. Keep up the truth seeking and never change! You are an amazing woman, athlete, artist, activist and human being! You will Empower so many girls & Women with your work.

Below is what Mary has to say about expressive therapies and we have also included some samples of her amazing work.

As I become more aware of the immense toxicity of Diet Culture and the way it's beliefs are built on a foundation of shame self hatred, I am drawn to dismantling that system and helping people find their true voice. For me, I find art and poetry to be useful tools in expressing my experience. I hope to educate and inspire people with my work in the future.

If you or someone you love is struggling or want to be a part of dismantling diet culture

book a FREE call her today and learn about how you can start right now! BOOK HERE

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