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Supporting An Empath While Being One Yourself

As an empath who is helping my daughter through recovery there are times I feel

completely drained. I absorb every feeling my daughter is going through. If she’s having

a bad day, I’m most likely going to as well. If she’s having a good day, I’ll be smiling. If

she’s hurting, my heart will be hurting for her, and so on.

To help her on the road to recovery I find that most days I pretend her emotions don’t

affect mine, but in reality they are. Some days she knows I’m off, or she’ll find me

secretly crying or frustrated. As an empath herself she is very intune with my emotions,

and oftentimes absorbs them. On days like that is when we are in this vicious empathic

cycle going around and around affecting each other's mood.

Recommendations if you are an empath supporting another empath through


Acknowledging each other's emotions. It’s ok for both my daughter and I to feel the way

we do. Don’t feel guilty for feeling and caring! You are an empath, it’s not a bad thing, it

can just be draining at times.

Communicate with each other, be honest and open with how you are feeling at that

moment. If anyone can understand how you are feeling it’s one empath to another!

It's ok to take a break from each other even if it just means going into another room,

separating yourself from each other, going for a walk, taking a shower or even a few

deep breaths. Sometimes the energy can be so powerful that you need to step away for

a little bit.

Eating disorder recovery is a long road, but be sure to cherish and celebrate the good

days and moments. Sometimes we get so anxious on the bad days that we lose sight of

all the good ones too! Try to remember that feeling you felt on a good day and channel

it into a not so good day.

Journaling can help with your emotions. It’s nice to get those feelings down on paper

and out of your head. It doesn’t mean you won’t still feel them, but on really hard days I

do feel it can take the edge off.

Meditation, something I need to do more of myself, but when I do I feel the benefits. On

days that are hard and emotions are everywhere, find a quiet place to meditate and/or

just breathe to calm your nerves and settle your thoughts.

Find your support, whether it’s a loved one, friend, family or a group like Empowered

Rx. Lean on them when you are feeling overwhelmed, need advice or just need a little

extra support at that moment. You are not alone!

Remember being an empath is a beautiful thing, it means you are a compassionate,

caring and a loving human being who cares deeply for others. Your energy is often

calming and supporting. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself as you would

the ones you love!

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