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3 Aspects of Body Image that Everyone Overlooks

Most people think about body image as the way they see their body but it is a much more complex concept than that.

In this blog post we are going to share 3 aspects of body image that you are probably overlooking or don't really think about. Because of our societies collective definition of body image relating to how we see our body, we often think we need to change our body to improve our body image.

But guess what?

Body Image has little to do with needing to change our body at all. In reality it has to do with:

1: Our feelings about our body compared to others.

2: What core beliefs we have about our body and women's bodies in general.

3: Our actions and habit driven behavior/coping behavior.

At the end of the blog I will give you actionable solutions that you can implement today to start feeling better about your body!

Take a listen to this video and practice these short exercises to gain a better understanding of just how complex body image can be.

Over the next week we will be discussing body image in full detail on Wednesday evenings in our community on Facebook Empowered RX Community.

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror every day and disliking what you see.

This is a feeling many women can relate to. The problem is...when we look in the mirror we aren't seeing what is actually in front of us, we are seeing our pain, insecurities, pressures, expectations, ideas, and past experiences reflected back at us.

Research shows that the following factors all contribute to a better body image:


  2. Community

  3. Gratitude

  4. Understanding your body image

  5. Self-love

NONE OF THESE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHANGING YOUR LOOKS! But they do all have to do with empowerment and self-esteem. When we truly get to know ourselves and allow our identity to show without influence of society we can finally find self-acceptance and true love.

This isn't easy though, it takes HARD WORK!

3 things to do RIGHT NOW to start developing a better body image TODAY!

1. Empowered RX Interrupt the plot and flip the script method:

The next time you find yourself in front of a mirror with negative thoughts, interrupt the plot. Our brains tend to go on auto-pilot and follow the same old thought patterns. Once we identify the negative thought it's time to call it out! "Oh hello anxiety voice, what's really going on? I know my body image get's worse when I have other things I am neglecting to pay attention to."

It may sound silly... but just give it a try. Calling it out and labeling it as a bad body image thought or bad body image day keeps it separate from having a bad body.

2. Gratitude Practice

When you start feeling really crummy about your body, remember that bad body image days are going to happen. You are only human after all. Practicing gratitude for our body has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety over looks.

Get out a pen and paper and write down all the things your body has done for you lately.

Have you just had a baby? BADASS

Did you just deadlift your body weight? STRONG AS HELL

Did you rest when you were tired and wake up feeling refreshed? Thank your body for taking care of you!

3. Embodied Movement and Breath

Move your body and tune into your breath. Many people hear this and immediately think yoga. At Empowered RX we believe in the transformative and healing power of weightlifting. This is a movement that empowers, embodies and grounds us.

Some other things you can do?

Get outside in nature

Go for a hike

Put on your favorite song and rock out.

Cook a healthy meal and savor the smells and movements in the kitchen

Dance with a partner




We would love to know what you do when you have a bad body image day? Do you tend to get stuck in it or do you have methods for breaking out?

OH! WAIT! BEFORE WE FORGET! Here is a little more information on body image that you may want to see! HOW CAN WE DITCH DIET CULTURE AND IMPROVE OUR BODY IMAGE? SEE BELOW!

Don't forget to visit us on instagram @EmpoweredRX or find our FREE & SAFE Facebook Community.

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