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November Member of the Month: Payton

Our November 2022 member of the month is Payton!! Yay Payton!

Payton has accomplished so much with Empowered by being involved in weekly 1:1 sessions, group classes, weight lifting and community events.

Payton started to struggle with body image issues at the age of 5 and by the age of 10 she developed an eating disorder. At the age of 13 she started on her road to recovery and in November 2021 Payton joined the Empowered community.

Some key points Payton would like anyone in recovery to remember:

“Recovery isn’t linear”: it’s normal to have setbacks but to remember that doesn’t ruin all the progress you have made.

“Trust the process”: it’s hard to hear in the beginning but in time she realized how true it really was.

“Your ED doesn’t define you”: it’s not you as a person, it’s not a personality trait.

We are so incredibly proud of you Patyon and all your hard work with Empowered Rx this past year. Thanks for always being there for others in the community while also focusing on your own recovery.

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