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Read This if You Are Having A Bad Body Image Day

Take a deep breath! You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are growing! Recovery isn't linear and some days are going to be filled with guilt and mental battles. But remember everyday you work through it is a day closer to self love and acceptance. Be easy on yourself, you are quite literally fighting your brain. This feeling will pass<3

If our tips below aren't doing the trick feel free to head to the resource page on our website and download the FREE body image workbook/coloring book!

Here is a few tips to use on bad body image days:

  • Listen to music you like and that gives you positive energy

  • Wear baggy clothes or any clothes you feel most comfortable in

  • Affirmations!!! The power of speaking things into existence is real!

  • Activities that don't have to do with appearance (art, reading, ect.)

  • Writing down all the things your body can do for you

  • Watching a comforting show

  • Avoiding mirrors

  • Self care

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