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Your Greatest Motivator

Let’s face it. Motivating yourself can be hard. I mean I know for myself, there are days where I want to lie in bed all day instead of facing my responsibilities - we’re all human. Thankfully, our mind is a powerful tool, and I believe with the right mindset, we can achieve just about anything.

Set goals, don’t create chores

Feeling like you have to do something is very different than feeling like you get to do something. Changing your perspective to seeing something as an opportunity rather than an obligation can make such a huge difference. Self-motivation isn’t always easy, but it is possible. The feeling you get when you set out to do something for yourself because you want to can be so fulfilling. It takes time and practice, but being your own greatest motivator is one of the most powerful things.

Celebrate small wins

Breaking tasks down to smaller, more manageable parts, and setting mini goals can help you feel less overwhelmed. Incorporating things you enjoy on your journey of working towards your goal can be fulfilling and help further motivate you. Each milestone you reach is a small victory, and it shouldn’t be ignored! You did it, meaning you’re one step closer. Empower yourself by celebrating and recognizing your own accomplishments.

Of course, we also want to be realistic - setbacks are part of the journey. Your path isn’t always going to be linear, and that’s okay! Remember to not be harsh on yourself, and remind yourself that you are still on the right path. In addition to self-motivation, having a good support system is essential in your journey too. Self-motivation does not mean you have to work towards your goals alone. From family to friends to our community here at Empowered RX, there are people to help further guide, motivate, and support you. (If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our free Facebook Group!)

Remember to be mindful, and rest

We always want to honor and love our bodies - this includes knowing when we should take a break. Our society loves to praise work and being productive. But at the same time, so many people seem to neglect the need to take time for themselves, which can lead to burnout. That's where self-care comes in. It can come in so many different forms: from moving your body, to doing something you love, to simply resting. Self-care is equally as important as working towards your goals - it allows us to put our best foot forward. Take the time to rest and recover. Listen to your body’s needs. Then take the steps towards accomplishing your goals.

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