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Empowered RX PODCAST is back with a brand new feel!

Introducing FINDING FOOD & FITNESS FREEDOM: an Empowered RX Podcast!

Why the changes? We wanted our Podcast Title to speak directly to what we do. We help YOU find food and fitness freedom. We help YOU break free from the chains of diet culture and disordered eating. We help YOU connect with fellow recovery warriors all over the world, so that you don't have to fight this battle alone.

Why does it matter? Yes we help you to find empowerment but what's more important is the impact. Finding food and fitness freedom expands your life in ways we can't even begin to touch on. We simply give you the resources and tools.

What can you expect for future episodes? More inspiration. More motivation. More guest speakers. More authenticity. More vulnerability. More connection. More community.

EACH WEEK we will consistently release an episode so make sure to bookmark us on SPOTIFY or APPLE PODCAST. But really, pick up your phone... open your favorite podcasting APP and search for FINDING FOOD & FITNESS FREEDOM. Follow us and make sure if an episode resonates to pass it along or let us know!

Audience Participation: This show is all about YOU for YOU! Our goal is to help you get set up for success in recovery. You will see interactive polls on Spotify AND recovery warriors as guests. If you want to tell your story please e-mail

We also are taking episode topic requests! What will help you? What do you want more of? LET US KNOW!


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